Trinity Eco-Tours sees Icebergs in Trinity Bay! 

Come with Trinity Eco-Tours to see Icebergs!  We are situated in what is known as  "Iceberg Alley".  Basically, the "alley" is the path that the icebergs travel the Arctic and Greenland to Labrador and then the island of Newfoundland.   During Iceberg season, we will launch out of Trinity, Elliston, or Bonavista, depending on where the iceberg is located. 

Our last season (2012) proved to be an excellent year for icebergs.  We started seeing them in March and they stayed until June.  There was quite a wide variety of shapes and sizes last year, the most notable being the sphinx-like one in Elliston.  We travelled out to quite a few last year and are always willing to bring a group out.  Please call for details of current sightings. 

Have you seen the iceberg finder site?  It gives you information about icebergs as well as approximate locations on all of the icebergs off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador.  It has been noticed, though, that the iceberg finder was not been accurate -- especially last year (2010).  Please call us for an update of all of the Icebergs in the area.

Iceberg finder in Newfoundland and Labrador